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Regarding the many claims by non-orthodox, independent church clergy, who claim their lines trace back to this Church. In Orthodoxy when a bishop leaves the Church he leaves "ALL" authority. Simply stated when any member of the Orthodox clergy leaves the "orthodox" Church, unlike the Catholic and Old Catholic Churches, he no longer has any sacramental authority. Should he start an independent Church or join another Church he must be ordained and consecrated into that Church since he is starting over. His lines of Apostolic Succession from the Orthodox Church do not go with him.

In the case of Ignatius (Wm A.) Nichols, a former Auxiliary bishop of this Church from Sept. 1932 to June 1933, when he left to marry he left with no authority to act in the name of this Church since he had no sacramental authority. All later acts in the name of the Holy Orthodox Church in America were done with no authority from this Church. He became a pastor of a congregational Church in 1942 and died in 1947.

In the case of Bp. Sophronius he did not consecrate anyone with Metropolitan Noli assisting him as some would claim. The certificate was signed by Noli on Noli's letterhead.

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