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Clergy Candidates Wanted

Those in Holy Orders should contact us to review their orders, background and training.

Clergy and Church requirements

We do not ordain a person just entering Orthodoxy. A person must be Orthodox as the Canons state.

A cadidate for Holy Orders must meet the age requirements as set forth in the Rudder.

A candidate must have seminary training, a previous history as a clergyman of an orthodox or similar denomination or both.

Clergy must study and learn the Canons of the Orthodox Church.

Candidates must follow the teachings and traditions of Orthodoxy.

We are a traditional Orthodox Church. The main difference between us and the Eastern Churches is our Liturgy (or Mass).

a. We are Western Rite using the Orthodox approved Western Rite Liturgy. All services are in English.

b. We prefer Western vestments for the western mass. Clergy must wear Eastern vestments if they hold the Eastern Liturgy as long as it is a full and correct Eastern Liturgy and not altered.

c. We hold to Holy Scripture, the Rudder and the Traditions of the Ancient Holy Church.

d. We are a Patriarchial Church.

e. A Mandate must be issued by the Synod for "all" ordinations. Any bishop who ordains without a mandate shall be defrocked as will the person who was ordained without a mandate being issued.

f. We were canonically established by the Moscow Synod of bishops in the New World on Feb. 2, 1927 and incorporated on Feb 1, 1928.

g. Archbishop Aftimios was the First Archbishop President of this Church.

h. We are apologists, defenders of the faith.

i. We view the canons (Rudder) as Sacred and Divine.

j. The North American Holy Synod has decreed the Mystery of Holy Communion is to be given by intinction to all believer's of the faith. This decision is twofold. One, the individual receives both the body and blood of our Lord on the tongue and two, this method is more sanitary and healthy.

Interested in joining our clergy?

We require a letter (by mail) stating your interest and we request some documents, photo(s) and educational information be included.

Have you had a chance to review our website? - - which differs from the .org site. The .us site is kept more up to date.

A book you would need to get is the Western Rite or St Andrews Service Book. We only use the approved Orthodox Liturgy. Western Rite is the main rite of this Church. Eastern Liturgies are allowed (on occasion) if the clergyman can do the full and complete liturgy. We do not allow altered services.

Thank you for your interest in THEOCACNA.

mail to;
Church Office
PO Box 121
Sudan, Tx. 79371

It should be noted that we are not part of what is called the "independent movement".

Many of your questions may be answered if you review our site. The index page offers many links.

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