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We are Canonical

THE HOLY EASTERN ORTHODOX CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC CHURCH in NORTH AMERICA is a true and canonical Orthodox Church. We are canonical in the fact we follow the canons, use only the approved Orthodox published Liturgies and we follow the Orthodox Calendar. We do not claim to be in full communion with the Old World Orthodox Churches due to their failures and violations of the canons, and their past treatment of this canonically established Orthodox Church for North America. Many no longer even view the canons as Sacred and Divine as we do. We notified the former SCOBA President by mail of our lack of interest in SCOBA membership. By their Schism in 1927 against this Church, the canonically established American Orthodox Catholic Church, we were and are the victims of their abusive attack then and today. Their acts have violated the canons and have placed these jurisdictions in a state of Schism leading to their clergy being deposed, being outside the Church and with no sacramental authority.


Is Rome Orthodox



Published in 1933 in an article about the North American Holy Synod:

Under the Ancient Canon Law enacted by the Council of Chalcedon, This can be the only lawful Orthodox authority or Jurisdiction in America.