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Special Letter

As Archbishop successor to Abp. Aftimios Ofiesh of Blessed Memory I seek growth for this Church but honest and serious growth and not paper clergy as we find in some groups. I went through some listings to attempt to contact only those who appear to be active Orthodox.

Please email me at as I use the web browser more that I do the computer and yahoo mail.

We had a group with us with missions in Africa but Bp. Chamba decided, according to my information, to stay with some others who walked away from the Church and refused to obey the canons. We do adhere to the canons and require a mandate for all ordinations. This is supported by the ethnic churches but some of our former clergy refused to abide by these canons. They feel they can ordain anyone which is not according to orthodoxy.

We use the St Andrews or Western Rite Service Book as well as some Byzantine Eastern liturgies. They are posted on the website as are the canons (Rudder) and a mini Catechism.

We view some of the ethnic as schismatics for their attacks on this Church and Abp. Ofiesh.

We are recognized by the Roman Catholic Church in a 1996 letter stating our clergy may give communion to Roman Catholics within our liturgy. A decree of divorce (like a catholic annulment) was accepted by the Byzantine Catholics and one of our former priests is an Episcopal priest and was accepted w/o re-ordination.

As you know from your years of Service to the Lord recognition requires a more direct canonical claim that many jurisdictions do not have (we were canonically chartered), growth (as numbers are respected by the ethnic jurisdictions) and we must be able to show publicly that we are orthodox. We follow Holy Scripture, Orthodox Canons and Orthodox Traditions. We use services approved for use by the Orthodox in this country and in my case my lines cleanly trace back to Abp. Ofiesh and the Russian Church and not through Bp. Ignatius Nichols. I mention this as there is a problem in the claim by many that their lines trace to Ignatius thus to us. In orthodoxy if a bishop leaves the church he leaves all authority while in the catholic/old catholic tradition "once a priest always a priest". To remain small groups we gain little but with growth we can gain respect and recognition.

I shall close for now. Again thank you for your response.

Also should you have any clergy in West Texas or Eastern New Mexico this may be of interest. We are selling a former motel building that has been used for low income housing and a chapel. It could make a nice seminary or monastic community and is presently off the tax rolls. The price is being reduced from the $91,900 asking price of a year or two ago to $77,500 for a quick sale.

Archbishop Victor