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The following Eastern Orthodox jurisdictions in North America are in Schism with the true and original American Orthodox Catholic Church (THEOCACNA) Visit the links below and click on the Jurisdiction your interested in for the details.

We have attempted to deal with these jurisdictions but they have ignored us and our complaints that they are in violation of the Sacred and Divine Canons. We can document many of our statements.

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Comments on recent events in the Antiochian Church

Bishop Mark and other SCOBA clergy released for such "petty" issues would be welcomed by The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America (THEOCACNA) which is a canonically Chartered Orthodox Church whose 1927 short name, now used by many independent groups who would claim to be who they are not, is American Orthodox Catholic Church (as shown in out 1927 Charter written by the Metropolia).

Schism details

Ecumenical Patriarch

Greek Orthodox




The Schism