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Claimed Lines to THEOCACNA

Many groups in the independent movement claim their lines trace back to this Church.

In the matter of Christopher Contageorge Archbishop Victor has a copy of the certificate signed by Metropolitan T. Noli on his letterhead. Sophronius signed the document, but it does not specify that he was a co-consecrator or witness. Based on the position of his signature it is likely he was a witness.

In the matter of Ignatius Nichols he was an Auxilary Bishop, not an Archbishop as some independents claim, of this Church from 1932 to Sept. 1933 when he left without the required letters. THUS the orthodox would generally say he retired or deposed himself. In 1934 Ignatius was ordaining as an "Archbishop" of the Holy Orthodox Church in America" as an independent bishop. When he left this Church he left all authority to offer any sacraments in the name of this Church. He did not ordain anyone as an Auxilary bishop of THEOCACNA and he had no authority to ordain anyone in our name after he left. He was not a canonical archbishop.