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Your question was submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office at 18:59 on 3/23/11.

Inquiry about DMs work for hire (overseas) icon of Aftimios.

Fact it was published on our copyrighted website.

Fact the work for hire provided us to publish was a bust print with white background.

Fact we have 2 computer generated icons one is full body icon with similar face facing opposite direction, smaller size and other differences. The other is a copy of the white bust icon with the proper name at the top and a gold background.

Fact he knowingly emailed a gold background copy - thumbnail of icon

Fact he sent me copies of a white bacdkground similar likeness

Fact he stated he did not wish to claim a copyright on the icon when we posted both on the church website with his knowledge and approval.

Sec 411 copyright

Ist published on

Author not resident, citizen or US or domiciled in US. Work was a work for hire in Europe, poss. the Ukraine.

#3B "A work of visual art does not include a work for hire".

#3C(2) A work for hire is a work specially ordered or commissioned. Includes Graphics ad Pictorial works.