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Declaration on Schism

Declaration by Patriarch Nikon
on the Schism in American Orthodoxy

Between the time this Church was Canonically established or Chartered and 1933 various Eastern Orthodox jurisdictions moved into North America, the jurisdiction of this Church, and worked to put an end to this Church, Synod and clergy.

We declare these acts to be a violation of the Orthodox canons with the intent to cause a Schism in American Orthodoxy.

We declare all jurisdictions involved are in Schism with American Orthodoxy, unchristian in their continued attacks on the early Church bishops, Abp, Ofiesh, Bp. Sophronius and Bp Ignatius, and we declare they should not be viewed as canonical by any orthodox in North America.

Until such time as those jurisdictions involved in the attacks on this Church and clergy from 1927 to date, over 80 years, can show christian charity and petition us for a peaceful manner in which to resolve our differences their mysteries shall be considered Attempted Episcopal Acts within our canonical jurisdiction

Patriarch Nikon
June 26, 2007