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Why Stoms

Reasons why Paul Stoms is not a valid orthodox bishop.

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Questionable History, Acts and Claims.

Stoms offered a calligraphy certificate of ordination (consecration). Later when this was brought up he produced a copy of a certificate with differing signatures by his "cousin" in Germany and others unheard of.

Stoms claims to be the Historic German-American Church. There is no such "historic" organization.

Stoms gave at least 3 different addresses in Cologne, Germany as his cousins address for the church & seminary. We wrote to 3 addresses and received one reply from the Roman Catholic diocese. They never heard of the "cousin" and stated there was no such orthodox church or seminary in Cologne.

We contacted German Government Agencies who stated they had no record for the man, church or seminary.

Stoms was originally using our name. He was contacted and advised to cease his use of our name which he did, changing his "church" name to the Holy United Orthodox Church.

Stoms mentioned his "seminary" offered business degrees and he was advised to cease issuing such degrees. He stated he was authorized by the State of New Jersey to issue said degrees. He sent the Metropolitan some papers he claimed contained the state issued number that allowed this. Shortly after this he was arrested for selling a business degree. Police claimed they found 2 boxes in the trunk of his car with blank degrees and church and seminary seals.

Garrison, as editor of the Orthicon, wrote that Stoms had been accepted into THEOCACNA and had a vote on the synod. [ c. 3 of the 3 c.]

Stoms claims, 6 years after being deposed, that he was never a "permanent" member of the Church or Synod. [c.1 of 22 c.]

Stoms demand was not to lift our decree but only to remove his name from the website.

Stoms has shown no repentance.

Stoms sent emails threatening to make false information public if we did not remove his name from our website. The threats include claiming he would excommunicate the Metropolitan, make public the Metropolitans excommunication from Stoms chaplains group along with a dishonorable discharge, that such information would be sent to numerous newspapers including the Dallas paper, and more. [c. 6 of 7c., c. 14 of 17 c., c. 3 of the 3 c.]

Stoms never had any authority or jurisdiction over the Metropolitan or this Church. Without the jurisdiction and authority he cannot issue a valid degree. Also according to the canons because he has been deposed he cannot file any charges against any bishops. His actions based on his threats show this is a coercive effort to get the Church to meet his demands or he would continue to defame and attack us. He has also threatened civil legal action in the Georgia Courts. [c. 31 of the 85 c., c. 6 of the 7 c., c. 115 of the 141 c.]

Stoms admitted by his statement that he has lost parishioners that he has continued to offer the liturgy. According to the canons this seperates him from the Church permanently. [c.28 of the 85 c.]

Stoms has continued to pray with others who were deposed which also continues to violate the canons. [c. 11 of 85 c.]

Stoms has permanently seperated himself from the Church. [c 6 of 7 c., c. 55 of 85c., c.14 of 17c., 21 of 30 c.,c. 5 of 21 c., and others]