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History update


From time to time we hear rumors of claims about THEOCACNA. Some are from the independent movement while others are supposedly from ethnic groups. We hope the following helps answer some questions about our Church. Feel free to email us if you do not find an answer to a question.

1. We are a canonically established Orthodox Church. We were Chartered by the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).

2. We are recognized by the Roman Catholic Church and the Episcopal Church USA.

3. We are mainly a western rite orthodox Church. We use the only approved western rite services in and for the U.S. This is formatted like the Episcopal (Anglican) Book of Common Prayer.

4. We are the only Orthodox Church in our rightful Jurisdiction - The New World or North America. Central and South America are our assigned mission territories.

5. We have true and recognized lines of Apostolic Succession and the only Sacramental Authority for the American Church. Many in the independent movement attempt to claim they are us, that they changed our name, that our (1927) Charter was issued to them or that their lines come from us. We deny these false claims

6. We are a Canonically established Orthodox Church

a. We are Traditional - we follow the Orthodox Traditions

b. We are Canonical - we follow the ancient Orthodox Canons.

c. We follow the Holy Scriptures. We prefer using the Lamsa Version or the King James Version Bible.

d. We are Apostolic and our lines of Succession trace back to the Apostles.

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