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We welcome your inquiries for incardination. Due to some bad experiences in the past we are slower in considering the applications. We will not accept those with sexual related charges made or pending against them. We require bishops to know the canons and all clergy to obey the canons. We require a mandate for any ordination from the synod. No bishop has sole authority to ordain anyone. Some former clergy believed it was within their right to ordain anyone they wanted to without a mandate.

We seek Traditional Eastern and Western Rite clergy

Being a small canonically established Church who has been under attack for many years by the SCOBA ethnic groups we have had problems over the years training or incardinating good men for the priesthood.

We have decided to post this new page in the hope that some of the ethnic clergy who are being mistreated or removed from their office might look into joining us.

We do not offered a salary. All clergy must establish their own mission, parish or diocese offices.

All who enter this Church are members of a canonical Church with valid sacramental authority.

We are Eastern and Western Rite. Clergy must be able to offer a full and complete liturgy and cannot make any changes.

Contact Archbishop Victor at 806-227-2214 or email him at