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Following is an article published about an orthodox priest and his followers who tore down a Manorah showing their unchristian attitude and groundless fears.

This is another reason we declare ourselves to be Orthodox Catholic and not "orthodox (un)christians".

If the orthodox in the old country are as bad about obeying the canons as they are in the "New World" (North America) they are not orthodox based on this and the fact they in the New World they are and have been schismatics for over 80 years.

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The Article

December 15, 2009

Orthodox priest leads mob in attack on menorah

Dozens of people led by an Orthodox priest smashed a menorah in Moldova's capital on Sunday, using hammers and iron bars to remove the candelabra during Hanukkah, the Associated Press reports.

The five-foot-tall ceremonial candelabrum was retrieved, reinstalled and is now under police guard, according to the AP.

Police said they were investigating the Sunday attack but there was no official reaction from Moldova's Orthodox Church, which is part of the Russian Orthodox Church and counts 70 percent of Moldovans as members.

The Jewish community was thriving before World War II but there are now estimated to be just 12,000 Jews in the former Soviet Republic. Twenty years ago there were 66,000 Jews. Many emigrated to Israel.

The government said in a statement that "hatred, intolerance and xenophobia" are not acceptable. The U.S. Embassy and the Chisinau city government also condemned the attack. City officials called on the church to investigate.