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Metropolitans message

It appears we have a few detractors who prefer to claim that thousands view us as troublemakers and fakes (actually only a few). Many of these same individuals are the ones who claim our lines, our history, our charter and have even claimed to be us.

IN FACT they are pseudo clergy who want to be important people in their own minds but can never be. They claim to be orthodox, old catholic or anglican and they want to be viewed as scholars, monks, bishops, priests and so on while in fact the are just glorified laymen & women in the "independent movement" who follow no canons, no established leader like a pope, patriarch or archbishop of canterbury. They have no formal education for the most part, paper churches, fancy titles and claim to have IRS exempt status (many never formally applied for a letter of exemption) and thats about it. Few seem to have any formal religious education, no clergy working under them, no churches and you could be a danger if you expect them to keep a "seal of confession".

Some hold regular employment but many don't. Some link to prostitution and homosexual websites, many post lies on their websites about good people, they infringe the intellectual property of others, they send vulgar and threatening emails and get upset when someone files a valid complaint against them with their ISP and get their site shut down a few times. They hunt around for a new ISP who has no terms of service and move to a sleezy ISPs site thinking they will get away with anything. Then when they get served with US District Court documents they claim they are fakes until contempt papers are filed and they must appear in court. Then the action will start to proceed after they find out the Court will not play their games. If they continue to be in contempt the Court can send in the U.S. Marshal to seize their records to obtain the evidence.

2002 Archbishop Victor Prentice
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