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Newsletter of


The one and only original
American Orthodox Catholic Church

Most Rev. Victor Prentice,
Author and Publisher

In August Father Andrew traveled from Michigan to assist Abp. Victor with Church affairs and he arrived a few days before the Archbishop ended up in the hospital. He was a great help to the Archbishop personally by taking care of the Archbishops affairs, the Chapel and Church grounds as well as caring for the Archbishops pets while he was in the hospital and very ill.

2010 has been an unusual year. It has brought us all a lot of heartache with the loss of friends and loved ones and some health issues for me.

Due to an Operating Room accident (doctors error) I was admitted from what was supposed to be an outpatient procedure for 8 days, was sent to another hospital to have a drain inserted into my kidney, then after labor day I had the drain removed and a stent inserted through the kidney. I am still not back to full strength.

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Regarding Carl Bartholomew who calls himself Metropolitan Alexander. This man claims to now head the Francis Forbes Church group and also claims to be the head if THEOCACNA.

In June Archbishop Victor filed a Federal Copyright infringement lawsuit against a man who calls himself Metropolitan Alexander (A/K/A Card D. Bartholomew), a former Roman Catholic priest from the diocese of Venice Florida. He now lives in Madison, FL. and has been claiming to be us and the old Forbes Church as one entity. In Dec 2007 he incorporated in Florida thinking if a service mark registration is not active that he can jump in and take over our name and logo. Both our name and logo are service marks of this Church and copyrights on our websites prevents anyone from using this property. He has taken our name & logo, our Charter clearly from our website and a photo of Abp. Ofiesh all covered by our copyrights. Also his domain provider pulled his websites (domains) down once the lawsuit was filed but they refused to act on our initial complaint of infringement.

By his actions and false claims he has shown that he is not a true Christian clergyman. He filed a Charter with the I.R.S. with both or Church name and his Church name and included our name numerous times and our logo. A complaint has been filed with the I.R.S. claiming identity theft, service mark and copyright infringement to obtain a tax exempt status. A copy of the complaint was also sent to the F.B.I.

As I mentioned above the lawsuit was filed in July and the Judge's order approving the suit came in December so the U.S. Marshals service should have served him in Madison, FL. in the past 2 weeks.

Information about this Character is published on Go to this site and on the left are links. Click on the one that is 2 or more words and then on the accused link and you will see Metropolitan Alexander.

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Since the Church Corporate papers do not have room for a Corporate Vice-President we have appointed Bishop Joseph Vice-President so in the event I, as Corporate President, am incapacitated or should die he will take over as President Locum Tenens if we do not have a full and active synod. His duty is to protect the Church from (independent) clergy who might attempt to take over this Church and Corporation with false claims of authority and lines and to re-establish the Synod all with the help of our Corporate Board of Directors.

Our corporate board if directors are not going to step down for any bishop coming into the Church so anyone thinking they can take over this Church and the corporate board will be in for a surprise and a fight.

Please keep Julie Clark in your prayers. She has under went multiple surgeries on her leg to remove a cancerous tumor and to repair damage to tissue from the radiation that has prevented proper healing.

Copyright 2010 Victor Prentice