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Synod Action


Synod published a decree on our old website that clarified numerous false claims about the so called excommunications of Abp. Aftimios Ofiesh and Bp. Ignatius Nichols. No such action was taken by any ethnic Orthodox Jursdiction against said Bishops of this Church and if attempted would have violated the Canons. The false claim that one of our bishops issued such a decree against other bishops of this Church was also false since that action would also violate the canons. One Bishop cannot act against another. A council or Synod is required to Act.


The synod issued a decree granting blanket authority to the Archbishop president to act to protect the church from all comers who might act to harm this historic and ancient Church. The Archbishop president did not have need for this until 2009 when bishops decided to act on their own authority contrary to the canons.

Synod decreed certain former bishops of this Church had violated the Canons and acted contrary to Orthodoxy and thus removed any such titles they might claim from the history and documents of this Church.

Jan 31, 1999

Synod Deposed and Anathematized 4 "bishops". Three had left the Church without Letters as required in the Canons. One mailed a letter of resignation. All 4 gathered together and established an "independent" separate altar from this Church, continued to claim our name and falsely stated the Metropolitan was a former primate of their new church.

Dec. 28, 2001

Synod advised the Metropolitan to Depose a priest who failed to maintain contact with his bishop or the Church clergy, and then sought and was accepted by a (non-canonical) church without seeking or obtaining a letter as required by the canons.

Jan. 31, 2003

Synod [Majority] Deposed bishop of this Church who violated the Canons and Synod advised the Metropolitan to Depose said bishops sub-deacon.

Mar. 11, 2003

Synod advised Metropolitan to Depose immediately a bishop who grossly violated the canons and disobeyed the directions of the Metropolitan. He also accepted money for vestments then later failed to provide those vestments and demanded more money for said vestment set.

May 23, 2003

Church Attorney in Arkansas filed the defamation and Invasion of Privacy lawsuit.

JULY 5, 2003

After discussion and prayerful consideration the Synod voted yes on the matter of advancing our Church's status from a Metropolitanate to a Patriarchate. As a canonically established Orthodox Church and the first established to serve the American Orthodox population we felt it was necessary to advance the status of our Church. Since our charter clearly states we are an autocephalous and autonomous jurisdiction and we are therefore not required to answer to or seek the permission of any other Orthodox Synod or Patriarch this action by The North American Holy Synod was canonical, valid and within our Synods Authority and Jurisdiction.

April 2004

The Metropolitan, representing the Church and acting individually as a Co-Plaintiff appeared at the trial and the jury awarded the Church and Metropolitan damages as well as our Co-Plaintiffs Bp. James and the CEC. The judgment is posted elsewhere on the website.

Nov. 23, 2009

An email was sent to a couple bishops suggesting any who could not or would not abide by the canons that they might leave the Church in a friendly manner. This suggestion was refused.

Dec. 8, 2009

We received an email that some of the bishops voted to "break communion" with this Church and leave this Church. They also stated they did not "depose" the presiding bishop. Interesting since their actions were contrary to the canons.


In 2010 the head of this group emailed that he found his name still on one of our pages and he wanted to be removed to avoid any confusion.


In Jan 2011 we discovered a PDF page by the same bishop claiming the 2009 vote removed the presiding bishop, did away with the title Patriarch and they now claimed to be the continuation of this Church. In Feb 2011 he denied ever stating they removed the presiding bishop from office while the claim they removed him was still published on their website.

Due to what we view as lies and false claims after the fact, claimed acts without the necessary authority and not according to the Sacred and Divine canons as well as acts of infringement, what we believe qualifies as defamation and what appears to be an attempted act of Church (corporate) identity theft by one of our former bishops claiming to be us the synod issued a decree as directed by the canons. Canon xIV of the 17 c. reads "The council has decreed that anyone who leaves his Bishop or Patriarch shall be deposed from office. Canon VI of the 21 c. reads "If anyone has set up an altar separate from the Church the canons direct him to be Anathema". Other canons were mentioned in the decree but these are the main two canons that direct such action. In Nov 2009 the Presiding Bishop asked a few of these individuals to leave if they would not or could not obey the canons ut that was rejected. This individual stated in 2009 that he and his associates voted to break communion the previous day and that they did not act to depose the Presiding Bishop. It appears their later claim contradicted their original statements.


Fr. Andrew (H.R.) Morgan,
Medically Retired - March 29, 2016

- - - - - - - - - -

Archbishop Victor
for The North American Holy Synod

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Note: The Constitution of this Church requires the presding bishop to approve and sign all acts of the synod. No claims of retiring the title or removing the archbishop from office were made in 2009. The Archbishop would not have approved such actions not only because they were aimed at him but because they violated the Canons.

These after the fact claims, part of a secret vote cannot be proven by this individual since all his correspondence has been to the opposite.


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