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The doctrine of the cross in the
hymns of the Octoechos Victory over death and healing.
Sunday Octoechos Tone 3

Sunday Octoechos Tone 3

Synopsis: The Orthodox dogma about the cross is often displayed in the Sunday hymns for Vespers and Matins. Many or even most who identify with Christianity and are not Orthodox only have a legal view of what happened on the cross. For us Orthodox, what happened on the cross was the destruction of death, and our healing. We have a relational view. What good is it to be forgiven and not also healed? Two hymns from the Sunday Octoechos help illustrate a part of our understanding of the significance of the cross:

"By Thy cross, O Christ our Savior, the dominion of death hath been destroyed, and the deception of the devil hath been abolished; and the race of man, having been saved by faith, doth ever offer praise to Thee" (Lord I have cried, Sunday Octoechos, Tone 3)

"Thy precious cross do we worship O Christ, and Thy resurrection do we praise and glorify, for by Thy wounding are we all healed." (Lord I have cried, Sunday Octoechos, Tone 3)