We have taken a stand on certain specific matters of importance that deal with life within the Church and life in general.

We support the right to keep and bear arms, a right granted all Americans in the Constitution. We support this right for the individuals right to protect home and family.

We support the individuals right to refuse military service as a Pacifist and a conscientious objector.

It appears the government officials are not interested in helping the people that elect them but only want to pass laws that they exempt themselves from, they steal from the people like the time during the Carter Administration when Congress emptied and closed all Socoal Security accounts and placed the money in the general fund. Congress stated Social Security would never go broke due to the huge surplice but if it did go broke Congress would replace the money - but it appears they never had. Congress must be required to pay into Social Security so they will protect their money and ours.

To support our claim remember that congress has cut food stamps and on more than 1 occasion cut the cost of living allowance to those on social security, SSI and VA. The government sends billions of dollars in aid to foreign countries even those controlled by groups not friendly to the United States.