just say no to

Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment is wrong for many reasons. It violates the individuals right to life (liberty & the pursuit of happiness). It is opposed by many respected organizations such as NATO, The Vatican and many European Countries.

Many years ago americans were vocal against capital punishment in other countries and it was even banned in the U.S. for many years.

It was only revived as a political tool. People like Bill Clinton decided to support it so he could remain in politics and make the big bucks of the bodies of others! Yes, in his first term as Governor he refused to sign death warrants and was voted out of office, He only made a comeback as long as he promised to be a killer. And remember how disgraceul he was as President! We get what we deserve. Maybe someday we will deserve good, honest and caring people as out leaders. Paying a president $400,000 a year while people starve and live on the streets while we (government) have empty homes in "inventory" is criminal. Spending millions and even billions on a war where americans die and we do not even reap some of the oil as repayment is criminal by wasting american funds needlessly.

We need to help our own first. Lets pass a few new laws!

1. The government can only spend 17% of the annual budget on an overseas war where we were not directly attacked first. And that we collect some of our costs from the government we are helping.

2. The government must take care of our people first. If the actual cost of living goes up 11% the poor, disabled and elderly do not get a 3% increase.

3. ALL Federal elected officials must pay into Social Security and cannot collect their annual salary as a pension until the government implements laws that all employers must pay the employes salary as his or her retirement amount. All Federal elected persons should get the same percentage of their salary as retirement as Social Security pays the average person.

4. All citizens must be entitled to medical care and preventive treatment like the UK and Canada offer.

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All Americans must be entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness as well as food, housing and medical care

Former President Carter has shown us how to offer housing to all. There are other plans also that could provide low cost housing for the poor and low income individuals and families and it does not have to be in bad neighborhoods as long as people learn to care and take care of their homes. This is also education of the home owner.