Concordat with Rome

NOTE: We have also send out letters regarding a concordat with 2 of the Eastern Patriarchs but this message is about the letters to Rome.

Some have asked about our letters seeking a concordat with Rome. This is a slow process so we expect nothing soon, and little down the road. As we grow we expect our inquiry will be viewed more favorably by Rome since to a degree they already recognize us.

We must be patient in dealing with Rome as they do nothing fast. We recently wrote a letter to Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles, California. It was a follow-up to my letter to the late Pope shortly before his death as well as the follow up to one of the Congregations seeking a concordat with Rome.

Most people make the mistake of seeking uniate status for their Church or order with Rome. If your a small group they will take a long time in responding if at all. We are, and have been for a few years, listed in the Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches and the Handbook of Denominations in the USA.

Our problem, as with most who contact Rome, is size. Rome wants communion with larger bodies. Yes, we have a letter dated 1996 that we can give communion to Roman Catholics but that's about it for now. We had not pushed the matter but now we have sent letters but others have stated they take their time. It could be a year or more before we get a response, if we get one. If we had 20 or 30 bishops and 150 priests, all or most with congregations and maybe a couple hospital or prison chaplains we would still be small in Rome's view. This will not happen overnight. As we grow so do the chances of recognition beyond the letter we have.

Others with a similar interest in loose ties to Rome with a possible Concordat in sight in the future may want to consider joining us.

We understand Rome states they want communion with the Orthodox. We do not know what their position is regarding Old Catholics. We have heard that a couple clergy have been individually accepted into the RC Church over the years but we have not heard of any old catholic congregation being accepted, have you?

We need to find the time to start working on or own version of the liturgy book. Why pay the Antiochians for the use of the services and prayers. Each text book size Service Book is over $30 with postage. We have not found the altar size book for this rite.

We seek serious clergy! They must be in agreement regarding a concordat with Rome but this should not be their only agenda. Old Catholic clergy and Western Rite Orthodox are in many instances close. You can continue the western or Roman style vestments and do not need all the colored vestments. We usually use white for priests and gold or white for bishops.

Our Requirements are we are Western Rite Orthodox, with male only clergy. A mandate is required from our Synod to Ordain or Consecrate anyone for this Church. No individual Bishop has that authority. Anyone Ordained who walks away will be deposed if they set up a separate altar (continue an active ministry outside the Church) which is a violation of the canons. We have the Apostolic Canons and the 20 canons of the First Ecumenical Council online, others will follow. To those serious clergy this sounds right - we obey the canons, for those playing church (paper churches, just titles and no services) it may seem harsh.

If you think the idea of a Concordat with Rome is wishful thinking - think again. Years ago Cardinal V. Noe of the Vatican sent us a relic of St Anne, mother of the BVM (Blessed Theotokos) when Rome would only release relics of Saints from the 3rd Century on. We received one of the Relic Crucifix's that Rome gives to its Bishops when they are consecrated. It contains a tiny (sliver) relic of the True Cross and we have a picture scanned wearing it. Some years ago Cardinal Mahony invited me to move to LA to set up a mission Church since we had no clergy there, And of course we have the 1996 letter from a Catholic diocese in reply to an inquiry by one of our priests interested in joining the national guard and the shortage, at that time, of catholic priests in the guard. We provided the history of this Church and not lines of apostolic succession and we received the letter (copy on our webpage). This may sound like a big step to some, others may say its nothing. That is up to the individual. Some of our former clergy claimed they were invited to share the altar with Roman Catholic clergy and after the fact one priest notified us he had.

Anyone interested in joining us should contact us.