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Archbishop Victor


Archbishop Victor was elected corporate vice-president of the Church in 1995. He resided at a small monastery in Arkansas for about 15 years.

On Feb. 15, 1997 Abp. Victor was elected Corporate President of the Church corporation and is presiding bishop of the Church Synod.

The synod directed Abp. Victor to place the corporate service mark in his name so when the logo was cleaned up and re-registered it is now in the Archbishops name. This was done to protect the church from independents who want to illegally use the church name and logo which make up our registered service mark. The Archbishop also owns the Registered Copyrights.

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The following was written by a former member of our clergy about Archbishop Victor:

From 1982 to 2003 Archbishop Victor lived the life of a "consecrated hermit" under a spiritual director and a strict rule of life. This is to complete the earlier mention of his "hermit Life" and to separate him from just someone who lives alone. I would describe his vocation of solitude as one of prayer, fasting and vigil, simple work and ministry to the clergy of the Church as a Father to the Church. A Hesychast for whom the Way of the Pilgrim is a day to day life. Privately in celebration of the Mysteries and weekly Confession. Abp. Victor prefer's the quiet monastic setting.

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In 2003 the Archbishop moved to Texas to help set up a low income housing project.

In 2010 Abp. Victor suffered an operating room injury at the Amarillo VA Hospital. The doctor stated he did not think the Archbishop would survive. By God's will the Archbishop did survive but his recovery has not been complete.


This website contains historic Church information


The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America.


This is the Church that was canonically chartered by the Russian Synod of Bishops in North America in 1927. Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh was appointed first Archbishop of this Church by the Synod and our Charter and Constitution were provided by the Russian Synod. Archbishop Ofiesh incorporated the Church in 1928 as a legal entity. We continue as that same Church today. Abp. Victor has headed this Church since 1997.

This Church is the first American Orthodox Catholic Church established for the English speaking Orthodox in the "new world" and we are in our rightful jurisdiction. We are not in schism with the ethnic orthodox. They created the Schism against this Church in 1929.

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Regarding others claiming to be us

Any group claiming to be this Church or the Church headed by Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh of blessed memory under any name, or our name "The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America, Inc. are in no way associated with this canonically established Church. There are various groups making claims. Many use the name American Orthodox Catholic Church which is our short name since 1927 and our common law service mark. Some use a name similar to ours and with similar initials to ours "THEOCACNA". None of these groups have any Sacramental Authority from this Church We do not recognize any Episcopi Vagant lines that claim to trace back to this Church. We are the one and only 1928 Church that was Chartered by the Russian Synod in North America, headed and incorporated by Archbishop Ofiesh that continues today.

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