Church seeks Benefactor

We are the American Orthodox Catholic Church* - THEOCACNA, canonically established in 1927 by the Russian Synod in North America (Moscow Patriarchate) and incorporated in 1928. We have not ceased our existance as some of the orthodox, like the OCA, would have you believe. Today we are the only Othodox Church in North America with true & valid Sacramental Authority since those ethnic jurisdiction who attempted to usurp our authority and canonical jurisdiction are guilty of cause a Schism in American Orthodoxy. They mislead and deceive their Church members but show their unchristianity even today by continuing their long standing attacks on this Church in print and on the internet.

*Not to be confused with the numerous independent groups who use this name without "THEOCACNA" behind it.

Our Church seeks a benefactor to help this Church grow. We are the canonically established Orthodox Church in North America. We are recognized by the Roman Catholic and Episcopal Churches.

In the event you know some good people who might care to sponsor our Church as major contributors or benefactors please pass along our name and email [] to them.

Due to health reasons the retired Metropolitan needs to relocate to a more arid climate.


1. Funds are needed for the property we are buying for low income housing. $45,000 to pay off property and about $4,500 (estimate) to fix up electrical and plumbing, or a buyer interested in this property.

2. Funds needed for purchase of Cathedral.

3. Funds needed for Monastery where we hope to include guest housing, retreat center and a visitors center for the shrine. We hope to have the Monastery be the home for the seminary and cemetery also. We hope to build earth sheltered structures to cut the use of fossil fuels, conserve energy and lower monthly expenses.

Benefactor also needed for;

4. An outdoors Nativity Set
[We bought an inexpensive one and it fell apart]

5. Donation of a vehicle or funds to purchase a suitable car for the Church. We are esp. interested in one of the hybrid cars. We heard of one a lady bought in Michigan that gets about 60 miles per gallon.

Donations to the Church are tax dedctable

If anyone does a search on the internet they may get the wrong idea about us as we had to become co-plaintiffs in a lawsuit for defamation and the defendant is a criminal (convicted of 3 criminal acts and later arrested for a more serious crime) living in the US but from England. He has since fled since 3 warrants were issued against him after we won the lawsuit. Two criminal warrants including one for arson and another (3rd) for contempt of court in our case. Most of the false information has been removed since thelawsuit but one man continues to pblish his defamatory claims. He claims to be a priest but his former female bishop showed him the door, he seems to have an interest in young boys and has shown his unchristian attitude by siding with others like the former troublemaker we sued in Court and ended up showing what he was really like.

An Assistance with our financial needs, as well as your prayers for us, would be greatly appreciated.

Please send your Prayer Requests to us at


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Synod President of the North American Holy Synodsm
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