Patriarch Nikon

American Orthodox Patriarchate

On July 6, 2003 The North American Holy Synod of The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America Declared itself The American Orthodox Patriarchate. As the American Orthodox Catholic Church which is our short name (see the 1927 Charter) and since we were established as an autocephalous and autonomous Church we have the right as a canonically established Church to canonically declare ourself a Patriarchate - which we have done.

In 2003, after over a years discussion, the Orthodox Catholic Patriarchate of America, the Church originally headed by Abp. Joseph (Klimovich) and incorporated in NY in 1951 merged with us and took our name. He was consecrated by Bishops Saltas, Kedroff and Abp. Benjamin (Fedchenkov) at St. Nicholas Cathedral NYC, on Aug. 25, 1934.


Since this Church was established by the Russian Synod in North America, Moscow Patriarchate, with the approval of the Patriarch by an earlier letter we are canoncally established. Then the Ecumenical Patriarch decided the Greek Church should establish the Church in North America but canonically the Russian Church was the first Church to establish Churches in North America and was the only Church with such authority or jurisdiction.

Then in 1970 the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate under communist rule established a second Church in North America, contrary to the canons, named the Orthodox Church in America. Since they already established the American Church they had no authority to establish a second Church. Also the fact the Patriarch died shortly after he supposedly signed the document which had not been delivered to the new Church authorities makes this document doubtful and it violates the canons and attempts to violate the rights and jurisdiction of this Church.

The old world Churches violate the canons they claim to live by. Historically this is true and it is true today.

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We are the one and only American Orthodox Catholic Church. We were canonically chartered by the North American Synod of the Moscow Patriarchate. A 1932 Newspaper article stated we are the only Orthodox Church in our rightful jurisdiction. We have never ceased to exist. Our presiding Archbishop President was not canonically deposed or excommunicated as has been falsely reported by unknown individuals.

It should be noted that we are canonical based on the following;

We use only the Orthodox approved and published Liturgy

Follow the Holy Scriptures

Follow the Orthodox Canons

Follow the Orthodox Traditions

Follow the Orthodox Calendar

As a Church who was abandoned by the old world Patriarchates we have from time to time needed to make changes for our survival. Said changes were not contrary to the canons but many times were the same or similar to an earlier canon that had been altered by the Church. We claim this authority by our Charter and constitution and because it was necessary to the Churches survival and continuation as the American Orthodox Catholic Church that we were established to be. Since Churches have the right to establish and maintain their own canons that is what we have done.

To this day we are not, nor do we care to be, in communion with such old world Churches that act contrary to the Sacred and Divine canons or who violate those canons at will and without a second thought because of their internal politics.

We have had clergy who shared the altar with SCOBA Ukrainian clergy.

We have a letter from a Roman Catholic diocese that or clergy may give communion to Roman Catholics based on our Church history.

The Episcopal Church (ECUSA) in Arkansas accepted one of our former priests as a priest without re-ordination.

It should also be noted herewith that we have never received any documents from the Russian Church (Moscow Patriarchate) or any other orthodox entity that disproves or objects to any claims we make regarding who we are (identity), our Charter our claims or the acts of our Synod. They have never offered us any copies of any documents regarding this Church. We abide by our Charter and have offered the Russian Church our support and services.




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