We offer relic cloths touched to the Holy Relic of the Saints named below. Please note that we do not sell these relics. We offer them free of charge with a self addressed stamped envelope being the only requirment. 

A donation would be helpful and we do have a 501(c)(3) letter, so donations are tax deductable.

St. Anne
St. Athanasius
St. Basil the Great
St. Gregory the Great
St. Gregory Nazianzen (the Theologian)

also available;
St. Augustine of Canterbury
St. Bede the Venerable
and a few others are available.

Western Rite
Please note - These are cloths touched to the Holy Relic. In Orthodoxy all relics are viewed as equal. In the Roman Catholic Church these are called Relics Third Class. 

ALL REQUESTS must be by mail with a S.A.S.E. INCLUDED. We cannot honor e-mail or phone requests. If you are outside the U.S. you may include international reply coupons, or send a check made payable to Church Mission Board to cover postage.

Mail your request to: Metropolitans Office, P.O. Box 121, Sudan, TX 79371 USA

Copyright 1999 - Most Rev. Victor Prentice