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Archbishop Aftimios Ofiesh
First Archbishop Primate of the Church

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America

Name and logo are a Registered Service Mark of this Church
American Orthodox Patriarchatesm

Canonically Established Feb. 2, 1927 by the Russian Orthodox Synod in North America
(of the Moscow Patriarchate) as the
American Orthodox Catholic Church.
Incorporated Feb 1, 1928

Christmas Message

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Prayer Request

During a medical procedure to remove a kidney stone Archbishop Victor suffered a medical accident during the procedure placing him in Serious Condition to the point he was offered Last Rights shortly after being removed from the O.R. Your prayers are requested. He had a second procedure and is home for the moment but must go back into the hospital next week. After numerous hospital visits the Archbishop is recovering at home with the assistance of Choirepiscopus Andrew of Michigan. The Archbishop has some additional tests scheduled.

We ask for prayers for his healing from this complication and condition.

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Bishop Mark and other SCOBA clergy released for such "petty" issues would be welcomed by The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America (THEOCACNA) which is a canonically Chartered Orthodox Church whose 1927 short name, now used by many independent groups who would claim to be who they are not, is American Orthodox Catholic Church (as shown in out 1927 Charter written by the Metropolia).

This website contains historic Church information


The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America.

Written by Archbishop Victor
former Metropolitan Primate of


General Confession

The American Orthodox Patriarchate

We are the first and only canonical "American Orthodox Catholic Church". Any other church established to replace us was improperly established contrary to the canons and traditions of Orthooxy. We are the Church established by direction of the Patriarch of Russia by the free synod in North America. The second Church was established in 1970 under communist leadership. Since we still exist and have never ceased we are the rightful American Orthodox Catholic Church.

Our Name and Logo are our Registered Service Mark with the U.S. Patent Trademark Office.

We abide by our Charter from Moscow and offer friendship to the Patriarch of Moscow and all Patriarchs and their Churches. We did not abandon them or turn our back on them. We cannot be in communion with any schismatic group

We were abandoned by the orthodox community contrary to the Sacred and Divine Canons. We continue to offer our friendship to all orthodox individuals and all jurisdictions acting within the canons and who renounce the schism in American Orthodoxy.

We are as Orthodox or more Orthodox than the old world ethnic Churches under the Eccumenical Patriarch. We follow the Canons more closely than many of the ethnic orthodox. We declare ourselves as following the early Church canons including those that allowed married bishops. We state this for the following reasons:

a. The ethnic orthodox refused to call Abp. Ofiesh, of Blessed Memory, before a tribunal as the canons direct when there is a dispute or problem,

when the Archbishop married. Therefore the ethnic orthodox have no claim that there is or was any problem with his marriage as it was a custom in the early Church to allow bishops to be married. Abp. Ofiesh stated in the newspapers that "God told me to marry". This also was not disputed. Therefore we view his actions as following the early Churches canons and Traditions.

b. The ethnic Orthodox allowed bishops to be married in the old world "to protect them and to hide the fact that they were bishops" to avoid persecution in communist countries. But when these bishops would relocate, to the U.S. for example, the ethnic bishops refused to recognize those men as bishops because they were married.

c. The modern American church has been in conflict for a number of years. The Rudder (canons) is out of print and it has been said it is being "update". The Antiochian Metropolitan, with the approval of their Patriarch, has allowed a priest to re-marry and remain as an active priest over the objections of others. This shows us that these "rules" are just a guideline and not a "law written in stone".

d. We use the approved Orthodox Liturgy for the Western Rite as published by the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America. We also use the Orthoxod Eastern Rite. We follow Holy Scriptures, the Pedalion which is also known as the Sacred and Divine Canons and Traditions of Orthodoxy. We are Orthodox.

Please remember, this Church was canonically established as the American Orthdox Catholic Church. That is even the short name of this Church and is stated as such in our 1927 constitution. We were established to be the orthodox Church in the Americas. In a newspaper article about our Synod dated 1932 (N.Y. World I believe) it has beed stated that all other orthodox Churches in the "new world" are usurpers. We are the only canonically established orthodox Church in "New World" (America) that is within our rightful jurisdiction canonically.

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For information on the Schism in American Orthodoxy created by the Scoba Churches in North America check the link below.


Service Mark

The law does not require a continous registration of a service or trademark. Use and ownership for 5 years gives you full ownership. We have had the name since 1927 and claim commonlaw ownership since 1932. We claim Ownership under the law since we registered the name with the USPTO in 2000 and our service mark (name and logo) were legally ours as of January 2005.
15 USC 1065

We are the first True Autocephalous Canonical Orthodox Church established in North America. We do not go out seeking members or converts but all inquiries are welcome.

The Metropolitan and synod opposes Capital Punishment!

We seek traditional Eastern and Western rite clergy and seminary students interested in serving the Orthodox Community in America. This church, with the corporation, is the originally established national Orthodox Church for the Americas.

As the first English language Orthodox Church in North America we are properly in our Archdiocese. The intention was that all ethnic clergy would one day be united as one American Orthodox Church but that has not as yet occured. In fact, the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate under communist rule, in 1970, established a second American Orthodox Church (contrary to the canons and traditions of orthodoxy). Orthodoxy in America is still divided (for the most part) along ethnic lines. We must continue to pray for a united church.


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Therefore, beloved brothers in the Lord, let the order of the Church be observed perfectly among you, beginning and ending always with the commandment new and divine that we have received from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Love one another.

Everything else that we attempt even with all our skill and might will come to naught if love does not reign supreme among us all.

The Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church in North America
American Orthodox Catholic Church sm
Archbishop Victor
Archbishop President
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 121
Sudan, TX 79371 USA


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